Friday, October 14, 2011

The Weekly Post (October 9-15, 2011)

Best Book: This week I read How to Save a Life, the incredible new book by Sara Zarr. The characters and the story were so real and beautiful, it might just be my favorite book by her. I'd definitely recommend it for lovers of contemp.

Anticipated Book:Is the first book in Robin Wasserman's new series, The Book of Blood and Shadow, which comes out on January 10th. Click the link and read the description on Goodreads! It looks SO interesting.

On Writing: I haven't had much time this week and it looks like I'll have even less next week to work on the WIP *sadface* I had a really long poem (a sestina. It was fun but took forever) to write for creative writing. I wrote mine based on the characters and events in my WIP and I'm pretty proud of it. Maybe I'll post that here some time.

Favorite Blog Post: I've been spending much more time on Tumblr (follow me!) Than reading actual blogs (I believe a Tumblr is considered a type of blog, though in my mind it falls under its own category) so instead of a blog post I'm going to recommend an awesome Tumblr that I found today! it's called HIPSTER JOHN GREEN QUOTES. Yes. When I found out this existed I freaked out. See the gloriousness HERE. (Spell check is informing me that "gloriousness" isn't a word. WTF? It should be.)

Song of the Week

- Nicole

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