Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sarah Dessen Signing!

On Friday my mom and I headed to Cape Cod, which is a little over and hour away from where I live, for a Sarah Dessen signing at a cute indie bookstore there! It was a beautiful, quaint area and the people at the store were so friendly and helpful. My mom and I got there so early that we had time to explore the area and do a bit of shopping, which was fun!

Sarah reading from the first chapter of What Happened to Goodbye
I bought two of Sarah's books (the only two I didn't already have) That Summer and Keeping the Moon and waited in line with a lot of very nice readers. We talked about our favorite books and characters. Then she came out and did a quick reading from her newest book What Happened to Goodbye, and answered a few questions. She was so nice and down-to-earth, sharing anecdotes about her family and such. Then she asked us some trivia questions. I answered the very last one and won a Sarah Dessen water bottle! I have all of her books but because the line was a bit long I only had her sign two of mine; the two hardcovers.

It was REALLY hot that day, if you couldn't tell from my flushed face haha, but it was so worth it! (And the store had A/C, though it was packed so it wasn't that effective. . .) Anyway, it was tons of fun and it was so nice to meet her and get a few books signed. And I got ice cream after, which is always a plus :)

My signed books and the water bottle I won!

- Nicole

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  1. Sarah Dessen is by far one of my favorite authors. She writes about what teen girls like at this age and she just plain writes good books. If you have never read one of her books, you should read this one or one of her other ones. They are all fantastic and should be read by all.