Monday, July 18, 2011

Writing Indecision

I've heard published writers and writers who've written multiple books say before that starting every new book is like learning how to do it all over again and that the process is never exactly the same . . .but while I was writing my first book I always thought "oh, please! Once I finished this I'll have done it once and then I can do it again and again no problem!" Hahahahahahahaha. I'm crying as I laugh when I think about me thinking that *semi confusing sentence*. 

Since I finished my first WIP in mid-April I've had four false-starts on other books... two of those on the same project. I actually wrote over 80 pages on a book I was SURE would be my second finished WIP . . .then I stopped writing it for a few weeks because of final exams and other things like that and then I just didn't feel like writing it for some reason . . . and then I realized what the "some reason" was. Basically, I had to rewrite everything I had because the new reincarnation of the idea was so different. And I still love the story, but I just can't seem to DO it. Have you ever had a time in your writing life where it seems impossible, and for no reason you can really put your finger on? 
Anyway, I had an idea for another book that I LOVE LOVE LOVE a few months ago when I was writing that 80 pages of WIP #2 and I set it aside then and haven't done much besides taking notes on it since . . . I started writing the first draft of that two days ago. What is wrong with me? I hate the feeling that I might never finish anything again, but just keep starting books and never getting anywhere. I have writing bi-polar and the scary thing is that the only cure is for me to just suck up my own doubts and write a freakin book. Isn't that always the way? 

Alright, that's enough of my rambling. I should probably go attempt to write something now . . . :D
- Nicole


  1. Writing indecision is the worst! :( I suspect it's worse than writer's block, because you WANT to write, you just don't know where to start. For me, it's the perfect excuse to take a break from writing and be lazy... *is lazy* :D
    Good luck with your new seeeekrit project! :)

  2. Thank you again for the luck! It is worse than writer's block, I agree D: