Friday, July 15, 2011

The Weekly Post (July 10-16, 2011)

Best Book: The best book I read this week was definitely Forever by Maggie Stiefvater, the last book in the fabulous Wolves of Mercy Falls series.

Anticipated Book: So it seems fitting that the book to showcase as a future release I can't wait for this week would be The Scorpio Races, Maggie's next novel which comes out on October 18th, 2011, and is already getting rave reviews. 

On Writing: Right now I'm working on my second novel. It's a dystopian YA and I love it :) I had 23,000 words written, but didn't write for a few weeks (which, for me, always means something's wrong with the story) and last week I realized the problem. Long story short, I'm currently rewriting it from scratch with the new plot that I adore so much more than the other one! It's at 4,500 words right now. . . 

Favorite Blog Post: My favorite post from this week was THIS one from the wonderful Victoria Schwab about the struggles of writing and wanting it badly enough. 

Song of the Week: I think this says it all:

- Nicole

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