Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blurbing in YA

On Sunday I was at my local Barnes and Noble. I was scoping out the YA section; seeing what was new, etc. I saw a book that I'd heard a little about online, and everyone seemed to like. The summary sounded pretty good, but what really sold me was the blurb. The blurb was from one of my favorite authors and people EVER, and also from an author who I know doesn't blurb books very often. So obviously this book must be THAT good to deserve it.

I've noticed that certain authors' names appear on a lot of books. I won't name them, but there are certain authors (who I like) whose blurbs I just can't take seriously since it appears they blurb every new book in their genre. Whereas there are certain authors' whose opinions I trust so much (same with certain bloggers) that I'll buy a book based on their blurb/review alone. Especially if they hardly ever endorse books.

Does anyone else notice who blurbs what? Or care about blurbs? Does the person who blurbed a book matter to you? Share your thoughts! :)

- Nicole


  1. I generally look at what they've said about the book rather than who they are. Some authors I really like have blurbed books I've hated and vice versa, so I don't think it's always a reliable way to tell how good a book is. I usually go more on my friends' recommendations because I know they genuinely enjoyed the book, whereas I think a lot of blurbs seem to be about networking and self-promotion (of the author that blurbed it)? That's the impression I get anyway.
    Now, back to my enormous TBR pile... no thanks to you ;)

  2. HAHAHA it IS thanks to me :D :D Sowwwwwwie! I think friends' recommendations matter the most to me, too