Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scrivener and Spotify

I feel like I haven't been blogging enough, but my grandma is visiting from Australia; we hadn't seen her in three years, and one of my stepsisters is here from California and we hadn't seen her for five years, so blogging and writing and tweeting took a backseat :) Not to mention rushing to do tons of summer work now, since school starts for me on the 31st...

My work-in-progress is going really well, though! And I'm definitely contributing some of that success to several new programs I've fallen in love with. I learned about Spotify from one of Natalie Whipple's posts. It's like a hybrid of iTunes and Pandora - so basically a free iTunes with some commericials - and it's amazing! I made all of my novels' playlists on there. I highly recommend trying it.

And I've wanted the writing program Scrivener forever, but until recently it was only available for Mac. The Windows beta is out now, which is what I'm using, and it's every bit as genius as I knew it would be from watching the YouTube tutorial a million times. I write completely linearly, but it's still SO helpful when it comes to outlining and collecting notes and research. I am so in love with it and can't wait to get the real version when it comes out. I never plan on using any other writing program, if I can help it.

Sorry if this reads a little like a commercial :) I really love these programs and they've really helped me feel organized and inspired with my WIP.

- Nicole


  1. I adore my Scrivener and could not live without it, now. Hope the Windows version works well and you WIP keeps rockin'!

  2. So far so good with the Windows version! And thanks, I hope it keeps rockin too haha.

  3. I've been using the Scrivener beta for a couple of months now, and I love it. It's so handy to be able to organise everything. I am SO glad that they've decided to make a Windows version (since clearly, PC > Mac :P)

  4. Yes, I love the Windows version and can't wait to get the read thing. Team PC :)