Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing Salem and Voldemort

I have two black cats. They do ridiculous things. Sometimes they are brats. Frequently they are adorable. This past weekend when I was at my Dad's house (home of said cats) I took some pictures of their adorableness. Sorry the quality is crappy. My phone's camera really is the worst, but I'm getting a new for my birthday on Sept. 19th!! *Squeal*

This is Salem. He came to visit me when I was writing my WIP, longhand (computer is broken).
This is also Salem. I wasn't giving him attention because I was writing so he had to increase the adorableness.
This is Voldemort, aka The Dark Lord or Vol or Voldy. He is a little pudgy, but we love him anyways. He also thinks he's the cat's meow... *bad pun intended*.

Vol again. I got a new bookcase over the weekend (it's like a ladder, cool, right?) So of course the first thing he does is jump in it....

Aren't they cuteeeee? :)

- Nicole

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