Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Good Things!

I'm definitely in need of some cheering up lately, and maybe you are too, so today I bring you a list of five things that are GOOD and EXCITING :)

1. Today marks one week till my 16th birthday!! This probably isn't particularly exciting for you.. but once I get a new camera for my b-day I definitely plan on getting into photography more and hopefully posting some pictures here eventually! (Ya know, another hobby for all my free time... *rolls eyes*)

2. Besides my birthday, next week is also the coming of two other amazing things!!! My two favorite shows both come back for a new season. Tues, Sept. 20th at 8 PM EST on Fox is the premiere of the third season of Glee! As a general rule, I try to watch as little TV as possible. The only TV I watch ever, really, is 10-15 min of CNN news in the morning and Glee, andddd my favorite show of all time, The Big Bang Theory, which returns to CBS at 8 PM EST next Thurs. for the fifth season! *Insert screaming and fan-girling here*.

3. The new Megan and Liz music video is out!! Love the song and the video is so cool. Must've been horrible to edit though.

4. YA Author of Awesome, Kiersten White (her blog is awesome, btw!) Announced that she sold FOUR MORE BOOKS. Whoa. I hope to be half that lucky one day O_0 You can read her announcement about that HERE and her post that goes into more detail on the new books HERE.

5. I'm insanely excited for Maureen Johnson's new book The Name of the Star which comes out on the 29th, and you can read a large sample of the novel HERE. I read and loved it. Can't wait for the actual book!

Are you excited about any of this stuff? Do you have OTHER things you're excited about? I want to know!

- Nicole

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