Friday, September 23, 2011

The Weekly Post (September 18-24, 2011)

Best Book: This week I was waiting for a bunch of books I pre-ordered from B&N to come in and then did today!! But I haven't read any of them yet. To keep myself occupied (and 'cause they're epic) I reread The Hunger Games trilogy this week. I'm in the middle of Mockingjay right now. This will be my third time reading the series, but it never gets old or less shocking than the first time. Anyone who's read it knows what I mean when I say MJ is one of those books that makes your whole soul ache for days afterwards. In a good way. And a bad way. In every way. JUST READ THEM IF YOU HAVEN'T.

Anticipated Book: Speaking of awesome dystopian books, the cover for Insurgent, the sequel to Veronica Roth's amazing book Divergent was recently released. It's so gorgeous! I can't wait to see how the series continues to unfold. The book comes out on May 28th, 2012!

On Writing: Did a lot of yearning and brainstorming about my WIP and the other 2 ideas in the works this week. No writing time, as usual. Probably won't have much time this weekend, either :(

Favorite Blog Post: I have two this week. THIS one from Victoria Schwab about "how writers are like onions", and one from Natalie Whipple HERE about writer/agent relationships that's very good.

Song of the Week

 - Nicole


  1. I could barely get out of bed for days after reading MJ :( Buuut it ended with the relationship I wanted, even though it's about so much more than pairings, so I clung to that when I got upset about all the deaths. So excited to reread THG again soon. And yayyy, looking forward to INSURGENT :)

  2. Be honest, how many times did you cry the 1st time u read MJ? I think three for me...