Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eat the Metaphorical Vegetables

I really do want to blog today. Honestly. Something good and thought-out and meaningful. But I can't. See, I have to finish my biology homework and hopefully even my pre-calc homework before I eat dinner before I go to babysit at 6 PM . . . etc, etc. I want to blog. And I want to read. And more than almost anything right now, I want to write. Whether a poem or a song or my WIP (yeah, right) or the short story I'm working on and love . . . I don't care. Today was not good. Today was bad. When the day is bad I write. But I also owe my very patient friend an email, but I haven't even read the story she emailed me to critque daysss ago. Deep breaths... deep breaths... So basically this is me blogging anyways, in miniature, to offer you lame excuses you don't care about explaining why there is not proper blog. It's cause I'm doing what's GOOD for me (frakkin bio homework) instead of what I want (which, face it, is probably not blogging or writing, but napping.) Whatever. I'm eating the metaphorical good-for-me vegetables (though in actuality I love vegetables). The bio homework veggies taste pretty bitter though.

- Nicole

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