Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Post Of Random

I was planning on having a nice, well-thought-out post today, but frankly I'm too tired. So instead I bring you several RANDOM things:

1. YESTERDAY WAS MY 16TH BIRTHDAY!!! It was fun. I got lots of B&N gift cards and a camera and my AP history teacher got my donuts and I went out for sushi with my friends. And the fun continues tonight. Yay. It was a pretty good Monday.

2. The day before my birthday, Sept. 18th, marked the one year anniversary of my current writer friend/critique partner (CP) Heather first emailing me! *Waves to Heather*. We met through one of my favorite writing sites, Let The Words Flow and have been sending wacky emails back and forth since. Knowing Heather (you can follow her on Twitter HERE) has showed me how important good CPs and good writer friends in general can be to your sanity. If you don't have a CP(s), you should :)

3. Tonight is the season premiere of Glee. OMGOMGOMG I'M SO EXCITED!! But I'm going out to dinner with my dad's family and have to tape and watch it later... Oh well.. Not like I need sleep ever....

4. The teaser trailer for The Hunger Games movie is out!!! I'm not ashamed to say I started seriously tearing up watching it <3 I can't express how excited I am!

5. Just checked email and saw that my Barnes and Noble order shipped!! Ahhh!!! *Does the New Book dance*

6. I'm currently reading The Scarlet Letter in my English class and really liking it.This is a good thing, since, ya know, I have to write essays on it whether I like it or not.

7. I can't think of any other random things to say.

- Nicole


  1. Hehehe! It's so weird to think we've been emailing for a year. *CP fistbump*
    I <3 that trailer so much. Sooo excited to see the full thing.